Jesus’ Capernaum Miracles (Journey 13)

Part 1: New Headquarters at Capernaum

Jesus journeys from Nazareth to Capernaum, which enables Him to begin increasingly miraculous ministry. We read the passages of Matthew 4:13-16; Luke 4:31-32. Jesus makes Capernaum His headquarters, which fulfills the Prophecy of Isaiah (9:1-2). Now, we learn that Peter lives in Capernaum (Mark 1:29-35).

What was so significant about this was that in Capernaum, news could travel as far as 20 miles on this route in both directions (one led to Egypt and the other to the coast of Israel). That was quite significant for news during Jesus’ era. In addition, the Sea of Galilee was nearby, which enabled a rich amount of fishing; therefore, it was a great place to live and work.

Coming upon Capernaum, which is one of Jesus’ main places (His headquarters), to which, He preached the Word with power as John the Baptist once did. Repentance would be preached to come, as it would bring light into darkness, so that the shadow of death would be overwhelmed with light so much that life would come!

Ruins of Capernaum

What can we learn from this experience?

When the Gospel comes, light also comes—for when it comes to any place or any soul, day comes as well. The beautiful light is what illuminates our heart in Jesus Christ, for He will stay where there is light. He does not appreciate darkness and will root out any darkness and trouble of any kind, because He is righteous enough to do so with God’s Power!

Part 2: Jesus calls four fishermen

We continue in the passages of Mark 1:16-20; Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11.

Peter and Andrew, fishing brothers no doubt, had met Jesus earlier and accepted Him as the Messiah. Another pair of fishing brothers would come night unto Jesus, whose names are James and John. Jesus asked all four of these good men to leave their work so that they could follow Him in bringing people into the Kingdom of God (becoming “fishers of men”).

Peter already knew what was to be expected since Jesus told him to let down his nets again after not catching anything, to which, fish flooded in nearly breaking their nets. This impressed Peter that Jesus is the Lord, and soon, Peter confesses his sinfulness by falling at the feet of Jesus.

What can we learn about this?

Whenever one is in doubt, trust upon the Lord, for He will show you great things as He did to these fishermen. What was impressive was that Jesus told Peter to drop his net again, to which, much more fish overcame their nets.

What was even more impressive is that Peter broke his guard (which he was a prideful and arrogant person), and fell at the feet of Jesus in humility. We should not be afraid to fall at the feet of Jesus and place our troubles in His Hands so that He may help us in any time of need.

Part 3: The demoniac healed in the Synagogue on the Sabbath

This story from Scripture can be found in Mark 1:21-28; Luke 4:33-37.

While in Capernaum, Jesus preached in the local Synagogue, to which, people noticed His teaching was quite different from other Jewish teachers (heretical). However, Jesus was unconcerned about the small points of the Law, but rather, involved truth about God plainly and honestly. Although, those who heard had no doubt that this was God’s Message taught with Authority!

Nonetheless, on this occasion, Jesus’ teaching was violently opposed by an evil and satanic power that controlled a man in the audience—to which, Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit and exorcised it from the man, which amazed many people in the audience. They could not believe what power He had, and therefore, His fame spread quickly overall in Galilee.

What can we learn about this story?

People will continue to oppose the message of Jesus, mainly if their hearts are not opened. However, we must pray that people’s hearts and minds be open to the Gospel, so that we may preach unto them, to let them receive the Lord’s Eternal Blessing. Jesus has the ability to deliver us from the hand of the enemy, just as He did with this man that had an unclean spirit.

Part 4: Jesus heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law

This healing event can be found in Mark 1:29-34; Matthew 8:14-17; Luke 4:38-41.

Jesus leaves the Synagogue and goes to Simon’s house. He heals Simon Peter’s Mother-in-Law. That evening, all that were brought to Him that were sick were healed, and the demon possessed was delivered. This fulfills Prophecy given by Isaiah (53:4).

More examples of Jesus’ Ministry are seen, as the Presence and Power of God are evident of those healed from the affliction by satan. One example was in healing Peter’s mother-in-law, to which, when Jesus touched her, the fever had left. Later on, He healed and exorcised many more.

Have you noticed? Peter was married… But to whom? A mystery. Think you might have a clue? Comment below.

What can we glean from this?

Even the littlest of illnesses and afflictions are not too small or too much for the Lord Jesus, for He is able to heal and deliver anyone at any time under any circumstance.