Deal with the witches and the devil runs

We live in an era where witchcraft has become the new norm. It is now one of the most socially acceptable practices that people don’t even know they’re being drawn into it. However, such practices are of the damned, and will not serve God’s Purposes. You can identify them as the following practices: Channeling (the most common and most troublesome), tattooing, masochism, drugs (of course) including alcohol, heavy sugar diets, collection of animal statues, collection of idolatrous and/or witchery statues, other psychotropics, diabolical hypnosis, third eye focusing, use of violence to influence the mind in many factors (such as using threats of violence, glorifying violence, collecting weapons of warfare, media about violence glorification, and more), and finally the rejection of Jesus Christ or GOD in any form (such as, “I will do this but not that, even though GOD tells me to”, or “It’s not bad to sin, besides, I want what I want”).

Be vigilant. Even career/job pastors are working witchcraft from their very stage in many ways I have observed. From talking about violent incidents they were involved in to making sarcastic threats. Even more would be those who preach the Bible in all its worth, yet live a lifestyle of tattooing, intimacy with both men and women, glorifying of personal choice rather than God’s Choice (such as pastors or priests who approve of violence, abortion, or even LGBTQ-whatever community). Yes, it is true people will do what they want to do; however, glorifying such things from the very pulpit that is to be holy for the Lord is completely seared of a conscience.

Deceived society lives with a seared conscience, that even though they know what is socially acceptable, the brainwashing of right and wrong is happening and people don’t know they are doing it. Like the woman I knew years ago, who eventually decided like many of the children she teaches, to be genderless. If anybody can make sense of that, I would be surprised.

People in this era are making GOD look bad, and I know He is angry about it. Folks made in His Image, supposedly children of GOD, being involved in other wicked spirits’ work instead of God’s Work.

Foul and irresponsible workings of the devil are all around us, but people want to chalk it up as “immaturity”. Do you know what an era following the Lord is composed of? Plows, farming tools, gardening tools, and shepherding supplies.

Do you know what era this is? It is the era of the magic hammer and manic gunpowder.

The Lord declares to turn such weapons into plowshares, because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

You the elect, heed His Words and regard them forcefully in a society that seeks to shut you out. Even if someone will not listen actively to you, talk at them anyway because faith comes by hearing (not necessarily active listening – AHA!).

Love, peace, grace, and mercy unto all of you in the name of God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ – who seeks to be closer to you.