Top Christmas or Hanukkah gift recommendations for any believer | Holiday special 6

We have decided to put a gift list recommendation for any believer, which is known to be a great tool. We do hope you find these useful… NOTICE: There are no affiliate links or store links on this page. You will find links to other parts of our site.

For the avid Bible scholar

1611 King James Bible

We have a review of this.

The Geneva Bible

This one is a good to have kind of Bible, even though we know many Bible scholars have many Bibles – what’s another one? But seriously, reading at least one pre-1611 Bible would be nice and refreshing to see.

For any believer

Giant or Large print Genuine Leather-bound Bible with Words of Christ in Red

Now, the wide margin, notes editions, and pulpit reference Bibles are nice (including the Instant Reference Bible); however, if you only want a regular Bible, feel free.


Micron pens: These are very good and precise to underline in the Bible certain Scriptures.

Bible highlighters: These help very well, since normal highlighters can bleed through the pages of thin paper Bibles (which are almost universal).

Bible covers: These are very useful for people who want to take their Bible everywhere with them and want it to be protected.

Mini-dictionary: There are many mini Bible dictionaries that define words, which are usually more expansive than many glossaries included in the back of the Bible.

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: This is for more avid Bible scholars, but many people can learn how to use them. They are by far more expansive than concordances in the back of Bibles. They also include Greek and Hebrew word references, which helps some scholars.

Bible indexing tabs: If your Bible is not already indexed or they are either wearing off or not good enough, then definitely check out indexing tabs.

Bookmarks and ribbon markers: These are great for marking your place in a Bible or other reference, and the ones with Bible verses are especially nice!

Arts and crafts: This is especially good for family activities and for children.