Review & Guide for the 1611 King James Version

Opinion post by: Dr Jay

Welcome to my first review. I am grateful to Rose/Hendrickson Publishers for all of their awesome resources to help this pastor for the Lord. I will be reviewing a 1611 King James Version Bible that I do hope helps you understand how to use one of these. I think this is cool, because even I have to learn how to use this, especially during my Bible studies.

Many Bible sellers do sell the 1611 facsimile version of the King James Bible, and I will tell you this has a type of artistry you don’t typically see in other Bibles. I am not being paid for this review, but rather am doing this to help others. Therefore, I will not state who the publisher is or where this came from. As I said, you can find it in diverse Bible stores online.

Beginning of review

When first opening this Bible, it is magnificent in artistry on the title page. The first very noticeable difference, even though some versions do have a publisher introduction, this has a translator’s introduction to the reader. Most of the text is written well on the page along with notes in the left and right margins.

This introduction allows you to know how the Holy Ghost ministered to the translators and helped them complete this Bible version. What was running through the minds of the translators though was significant and is best to read yourself.

Next in my copy I see a Bible reading plan along with prayer plan. This is made for every month of the year and a supplemental almanac is included. After that was a few different guides on the Bible, such as lessons proper for Holy days, the order of the Psalms, proper Psalms on certain days.

Structure of Bible books

Old Testament canon

Apocrypha (Christian circles do not usually read this anymore due to it being unrecognized as Holy Scripture)

New Testament canon

You will notice language differences

Use this guide to figure out how to distinguish between language use between US English and Old English.

Conclusion of this review

I do hope this was insightful. I linked to the different pages on a website that I trust to provide good information. I do hope it was useful and would be information to you, especially if you want to try the 1611 KJV before buying one copy of your own. The facsimile copies range from about $10-20 USD – $1,000.

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