Jesus sent 70 disciples and we meet the Good Samaritan (Journeys 38-39)

Today we are reading overall about a few stories: Jesus sending the 70 disciples, the deal about the Good Samaritan, and then the discussion concerning Mary and Martha. You can reference all Scriptures talked about today in Luke 10:1-42.

Highlighting Jesus’ sending of the 70 disciples

Jesus had sent the twelve Disciples into northern areas since they were the most in need. Now, for similar reason, He sent a much larger number (70) with instructions similar as He had given the twelve Disciples—sending them in groups of two. Luke logs their success, and Jesus saw the success as a Triumph over satan, as well as a guarantee for satan’s destruction. We must note the greatest cause of praise is not what is done for God, but what God has done for them.

Now, because Jesus is the Son of God, His Power is evident in the lives of His Disciples—especially the humblest. Through this power, they have knowledge of many things even the wise of the world do not understand, because through Jesus, believers have knowledge of God the Father. Godly people of former ages wanted to know such things that have now been revealed unto His Disciples. Such people were unable to do so, because the Messiah had not come.

What we can learn: Jesus sent His Disciples that they might strengthen and encourage one another. We should be doing the same in the Church is strengthening and encouraging one another, as well as doing the work He has called us to do. In addition, when victory is won over satan, it is obtained by Power of Jesus Christ—not ourselves. We need to be humble unto Christ, giving glory unto Him, because He is the source of the power over the devil and his demons.

The Good Samaritan

A Jewish teacher of the Law came to Jesus to test Him in a question about Eternal Life, which the teacher assumed that Eternal Life was obtained by some special act. Jesus’ reply involved that obtaining Eternal Life is inseparably linked with the way people live daily, for if they do not put God before all things, as well as their neighbor before themselves, they cannot have assurance of Eternal Life.

The teacher was disappointed with such answer and in the attempt to excuse his own failing; he asked how anyone could know whom or who his neighbor is not. Jesus then tells him a story, in which a traveler is beaten, robbed, and left to die. Two Jews, one Priest, and a Levite deliberately passed him by, not worrying. However, a Samaritan stops by and helps the man. Jesus then told the teacher to answer his own question. The despised foreigner stopped and helped rather than religious purists. If a person loves his neighbor as himself, he will act kindly towards anyone that he meets, even enemies.

What Jesus teaches: We should love our neighbor by being kind unto them, helping them when needed, and showing them that we care.

Visiting with Mary and Martha

Jesus was growing increasingly tense, and decided to have some quiet fellowship at the house of Mary and Martha (as they lived with their brother, Lazarus, in Bethany). Martha just busied herself preparing a large meal, and wanted to provide the best possible hospitality for their important guest, Jesus. However, He did not want an excessive meal that Martha seemed to be preparing reluctantly, but rather, a simple meal was sufficient. Mary understood this, and therefore, she was the one who benefited from the Lord’s instructive conversation.

What can we learn: We do not need to go to extreme measures to prepare the place for Jesus to come, we just need to welcome Him in (by believing and trusting in Him by faith) and allow Him to begin working!

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