Jesus feeds 5,000 (Journey 28)

We are seeing Christ’s next period where He is ministering to the Twelve Disciples. We are journeying in Mark 6:30-44; Matthew 14:13-21; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-13.

When the Apostles returned from their first tour, they met Jesus in Galilee and wanted to be alone with Him for a while. Jesus also needed rest, so He did not mind. However, when He saw crowds of people flocking to Him in need, He felt pity. They appeared to be spiritually starved sheep that had no food, because there was no shepherd to feed them.

Jesus alone could satisfy spiritual needs of the people, and without Him, the Apostles were not able to satisfy even the physical needs of the people. With five loaves and two fish, Jesus miraculously fed a huge crowd, and reminded the Apostles of the miracles they did on their tour was because of His Power.

To many people, the miracle was a sign that Jesus was the Great Prophet of promise. Just as Moses was, He has miraculously fed God’s People in the wilderness.

What can we learn from this?

By Christ’s blessing, a little can go a great way, for He had fed so many people with such a small load, because of His ability to multiply. This is also a bit like sowing and reaping, for the little bit of provision they had was the seed, and Christ came and made the harvest so that many people could reap.

We know that by this, His Blessing is proven to be available to believers and unbelievers alike, so we need not be afraid to tell people of the bountiful riches that are in Christ Jesus!

Jesus refuses political Messiahship

We are now journeying in Mark 6:45-46; Matthew 14:22-23; John 6:14-15. Jesus is dealing with several issues, especially due to His marvelous miracles.

When Jesus sees they are going to take Him by force and make Him King, He sends the Twelve by boat across to the other side of the Sea ahead of Himself. He dismisses the crowd, and then goes up into a mountain alone to pray.

The multitudes that saw Jesus perform such great things wanted to make Him their King, and were going to take Him by force. However, He was able to escape by first sending the Twelve Disciples onto a boat, and then going up to a mountain alone to pray.

What can we learn from this?

We must learn to do the same in times of popularity and temptation. Many today will say they are God’s man of the hour. Instead of doing that, they should humble themselves. Instead of getting puffed up over their ability or gifts, they should be more dependent on God.

Jesus ran away from titles, honorariums, designations, and other counterfeit affections, because He had the only approval He needed: God! And because of this, we too can receive the same kind of approval and stop our need for power and respect. Respect of persons is sin, and Jesus knew this, so He avoided their treacherous behavior (Romans 2:11; James 2:9; 1 Peter 1:17).