Jesus’ Robe Brings Healing; The Dead are raised (Journey 25)

Part 1: Healing & Deliverance

Jesus is still at sea (Galilee), and arrives just off the lake at Capernaum to find a large crowd. We are reading in this part in Mark 5:21-43; Matthew 9:18-26; Luke 8:40-56.

Jesus has returned to the Jewish regions, to which, a Synagogue elder named Jairus has asked Jesus to come and heal his ill daughter. Jesus saw the man’s faith, to which, He made His way to the man’s house.

On the way, they were interrupted by a sick woman who had an issue of blood twelve years, to which, if she could only touch His clothing, she would be healed.

Because of her faith, Jesus knew someone needed help along the way. He searched for the woman so she could show her faith openly and be healed.

Jairus’ faith was tested while Jesus was healing the woman with the issue of blood, because he heard that his daughter died. Jesus responded by doing a greater miracle than he expected, for he brought his daughter back to life.

He allowed only five people to see this miracle and told them not to tell anybody else, because He did not want people flocking to Him for the wrong reasons.

What can we learn from this?

Jesus attracts those of little and great faith, and He will help them as needed. Once Jesus determines He will help someone, it does not matter the circumstance, even death, because He will bring the problem to resolution.

Part 2: Healing of the Blind & Dumb

We are seeing Jesus continue His Miracles; therefore, we are reading now from just Matthew’s account in Matthew 9:27-34.

Two blind men approach Jesus and beg Him to heal them, even using His Messianic title “Son of David,” to approach Him. However, He wanted them to have sincere faith, and would not heal them until they had it.

Jesus decided to heal them, but warned them not to tell anyone. Although some people misinterpreted His Miracles because of the Power He had, others misinterpreted His Miracles because they just hated Him.

What can we learn from this?

Some have lost their sight (not specifically eyesight), to which, they may, by God’s Grace have their eyes opened for a fuller understanding in the enlightening power of the Gospel!

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