Jesus Stilled the Storm (Journey 23)

We are beginning Journey 23 in Mark 4:35-41; Matthew 8:18, 23-27; Luke 8:22-25, where Jesus is journeying from the West shore of The Sea of Galilee to some point on the lake. Storms were common on the Sea of Galilee and often came with no warning.

Cold air would sweep down from Mt. Hermon on the North, displacing warm air that was rising from the calm sea. This storm was similar. Jesus needed to rest from all of His Work He had recently done, so He laid down in the boat and slept. The storm didn’t bother Him.

Storms blew up quickly on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus wanted to board a ship to cross the lake, to take a rest from ministry. As they were sailing across the lake, a storm blew in, but it didn’t bother Jesus. The Disciples were sore afraid, and were disappointed with Jesus that He did nothing to help them.

Jesus was asleep on the back of the boat. They wake up Jesus, and He quieted the storm, and then rebuked them for lacking faith. They were amazed at His Power to quiet the storm and the seas.

What can we learn from this?

Even in the midst of storms in our lives, we must be faithful to trust in Him who will provide help in the time of need. We must be patient and willing to endure until the Lord helps us. Yes, He can help us at any time, but He wants us to endure some things so we can become more spiritually strong to withstand trials of our faith!