Jesus cursed for working with Beelzebub (Journey 21)

  • Jesus is cursed by many Scribes, Pharisees, and other prejudice people
  • What did Beelzebub have to do with Jesus’ Ministry? Well people thought His Miracles came from Beelzebub’s work…
  • But how would good miracles come from evil masqueraded work?

Before we dive into the juicy details of Jesus being cursed for working with Beelzebub, we must first explore how Jesus even started into His second tour of Galilee. Jesus, His Twelve Disciples, and a number of women, make a tour of cities and villages.

Visiting all the towns of Galilee was not easy; therefore, Jesus and His Disciples were helped by a group of women who went with them to look after their needs. These women were Mary Magdalene, who had seven devils leave her, Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others.

We are reading in the following Scriptures (linked to for easy access): Mark 3:19-30; Matthew 12:22-37. If you would like to reference the other Scripture surrounding Jesus’ tour of Galilee, see: Luke 8:1-3

On one occasion of casting out demons, the Pharisees blamed Jesus of doing it to the power of satan. Jesus replied that if the devil was being used to cast out demons, the devil would only create war in his kingdom, because he would be destroying himself. The only way a strong man can be defeated is if a stronger one overpowers him. In casting out demons, Jesus showed He was stronger than satan and his demons. His Reign, which would result in crushing the serpent’s head, has begun.

God can forgive such doubts and misunderstandings about Jesus; however, He would not forgive blasphemous remarks or defiant rejection of Jesus’ Work, because His Work was good and originated in God! Those that called His Spirit “satan,” were clearly putting themselves in position to disrepute God’s Goodness.

Therefore, those that blasphemed would not receive forgiveness. One would not want forgiveness anyway, if he/she were to blaspheme against God, because their heart would have hardened completely or their minds completely blinded to the Grace of God!

The Good Works of Jesus were evidence of His Goodness, just as good fruit came from a good tree. The evil works of the Pharisees were the evidence of their evil hearts, in that; such evil will be used against them in Judgment.

What can we learn from this?

The Savior humbled Himself so much that He needed people to be kind to Him, which encouraged and blessed Him. We can do the same by offering our praise, gratitude, and service unto Him! He was rich in Spirit, but He became poor for our sake.

This tells us to focus more on Spiritual wealth for His Kingdom, rather than physical wealth. Though physical wealth may profit us here on Earth, it is only temporary; however, Spiritual wealth is Eternal!

It doesn’t mean that we need to become poor or stay poor; however, our focus must be on Spiritual wealth and less on physical wealth. It’s not bad to have “things,” but money is to serve us. If we are found to be serving money, we will be serving two masters, to which, we may love one and not the other.

We must choose God over money; family over money; Spirituality over money; etc. Man must work for the money he needs to support himself and his family; however, we must remember to make time for our family, but especially for God!

Now, the Doctrines of Christ seemed to have a boiling effect upon some people, especially religious leaders; however, it had the Power to break the devil’s power, which cast him out of people. Instead of satan possessing people, Christ was able to insert His Power to override and overthrow that demonic power, so that His Power could envelope the beings.

This brought grace, healing, and Salvation to the mortal bodies. We know that when Christ came in our lives, He had ridden the sin, evil, and other foul things out of our lives so His Grace, Healing, and Salvation could envelope us as well.

When we allow His Work to be done, it will be done to the overflowing abundance of Glory unto God! Therefore, we must beware of any evil speaking against Him, but rather, acknowledge His Glory!

What Beelzebub means…

Beelzebub is generally linked to being the “prince of demons,” or the devil himself. Many sources claim that this word comes from “Baal-zebub,” resulting from the idol deity of old from the Ekronites, which would call him the “lord of flies,” or “fly-god.”

Not exactly a very dignifying name. Others believe his name comes from “Beel-sebul,” which means, “dung-god.” Again, not very dignifying, as this would point him overall to being the author of pollutant abominations of idolatrous worship.

Christ shall be glorified above all! He is not associated with evil, He is Alpha and Omega Only and Above All on Earth!

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