The Widow’s Son WAS raised from the dead (Journey 20)

We begin in part 1 on Journey 20 (out of 3 parts), to which Jesus is journeying from Capernaum to Nain, and then goes to other parts of Galilee. We are reading in Luke 7:11-18.

The town of Nain was a humble, small village north of Capernaum that has a beautiful view across the plain to Carmel and over the Nazareth hills past Tabor. Even the white peak of Hermon can be seen glistening in the sun! The village was once prosperous, but fell economically, and is now a wee hamlet.

Jesus went into a city called Nain. Many of His Disciples and many people went with Him. They met a funeral procession and Jesus raised a widow’s son to life. Fear came upon everyone and the rumor that a great Prophet was risen up among them went forth throughout all Judea and roundabout.

In the town just north of Capernaum called Nain, Jesus helps a widow’s son to life again. In this case, He did not do it on a request, but He went Himself, because He felt pity for this woman.

With her husband and her only son dead, she was possibly to deal with hardship and poverty for the rest of her life, and therefore, Jesus stopped the funeral and resurrected her son back to her!

What can we learn from this?

Here is one proof that Christ has power over death in the raising of the widow’s son. The Gospel call to all people, especially younger ones or lost ones, is to arise from the dead (the deadness of your sins) and come to life in Jesus Christ! He will give you Life and Life more abundantly!

If we’re ever in any chance to bring someone to Christ who we know or might know that is spiritually dead, we should try so, because Christ is able to work through us at any time to bring people from death to life!

It is important that we do so that we can help people have life and have it more abundantly. It is our duty as Christians to bring people from darkness into His Marvelous Light through the Power of Jesus Christ and His Will!

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