Servant of a Centurion Healed (Journey 19)

Jesus has journeyed now through Capernaum and Galilee several times; however, after leaving the mountain, He decides to stop back at Capernaum. We read in the Bible in Matthew 8:5-13; Luke 7:1-10.

Note: A “centurion” was a Roman officer commander of a hundred soldiers, similar to “captain” in our modern days.

As Jesus was back in Capernaum, a Roman centurion asks Jesus to heal one of his servants that was dying (of palsy and tormenting). Jesus agreed to heal him; however, the centurion was unsure to have Jesus at his house, for he operated in a system of authority where he simply gave commands and it was done.

Therefore, he did not want Jesus to feel like this officer was commanding him. However, Jesus carried the authority of God and needed to say only the word, and the servant would be healed.

Jesus even saw the Roman’s faith, which was more than the Jews were. He used this very incident to warn the Jews that many of them would be left out of God’s Kingdom; however, Gentiles from countries everywhere scattered would be included, because of their faith.

What can we learn from this?

Just as this centurion concerned himself with his servant’s wellbeing, we should concern ourselves for our children and helpers, especially if they are physically or spiritually sick. We should be bringing them to Christ by faith and prayer, and observe the Lord’s Grace over them as He helps them.

Note the way that the centurion pleads to Christ, as if he is serving Christ as his Master, to which, we should be the same way in pleading unto God is that He is our Master. Many people will attempt to command the Lord to do this and to do that, as if we’re masters of Him; however, this is not the case, for He is our Master!

We do what He says to do. If we want to command healing over someone, we do it by the direction of the Master, not the direction of us. It comes down vertically from above, not from below to above. We may send our prayers up there, but they better be humble as to God’s Will, and not to our own wills.

We may all wish for total success, empowerment, total health, etc.; however, God knows what is best for us more than what we do. In the centurion’s case, he was searching for the healer and found Him, to which, the Word healed his servant!

The master of this servant obtained approval of his faith, and therefore, helped his servant become healed by the Great Healer. The healing of our bodies and souls is evidence of our faith in Jesus Christ, in that, no matter what we do; Christ will always be there for us!

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