Jesus’ Birth and Private Life (Journeys 1-3)

Introducing Period 1: 30 years of private life.

The highlight of Journeys 1-3 is that we outline Jesus’ first 30 years of private life, which was before His Baptism and beginning of ministry.

Journey 1, Part 1: Presenting Jesus in the Temple

The Scripture we will be referencing is Luke 2:22-39. Jesus journeys from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, and then returns back to Bethlehem. Jesus was 8 days old and circumcised. When Jesus became 40 days old, He was taken to the Temple for dedication. At the dedication, Simeon prophesies and Anna testifies over the baby Jesus.

A man named Simeon stands up and prophesies, and soon, Anna, the widow from the Temple, gives thanks for Israel’s redemption. Mary, at the end of the forty days, went up to the Temple to offer the appointed sacrifices for her own purification. Joseph was there too, as he presented the Holy Child, Jesus, because, according to the purification law, the firstborn must always be dedicated to God.

Apparently, the firstborn Jewish male child already had the destiny to be a priest; therefore, Jesus met such requirements so He was dedicated for service unto God. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Jesus' presentation in the Temple

Those that wanted to see the Baby Jesus had to go to the Temple. Simeon gave such a confession, as he knew Jesus was the Savior. Simeon said, “For mine eyes have seen thy Salvation. A Light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of thy people Israel.” Mary and Joseph were certainly astonished at such confessions, for Simeon had blessed them. The hopes had shown of all those that embrace Christ would have the thoughts of their hearts revealed.

Soon, Anna, the Prophetess, visits, who has been in the Temple several times. She appears to be part of the Tribe of Asher, to which, this older widow has prayed, fasted, and serviced many. She even went around telling others about the Savior of the world just born.

What can we understand from this?

This Baby Jesus attracted a Prophet and Prophetess (among many more), He was not born in sin or needed a mortification of corruption, or even renewal unto holiness. This was so revealing that He would one day be in total obedience to the whole Law, even in sufferings and temptations, and even more in death for us. This might remind us to dedicate our children unto the Lord, especially in thanks for His giving of the child unto us. More than anything, what some thought when they beheld the Christ Child was an immediate revelation from God (a big announcement for their mindset) that this is the Savior of the world. This child was going to be great and so many knew it, for they gave glory to God!

Journey 1, Part 2: Wise men from the east

We have already extensively covered this in a different blog, please take a look at it – The Wise Men, More than Magi.

The Wise Men from the East

Journey 2: Flight to Egypt

The Scripture we will be referencing for this is Matthew 2:13-23 and Luke 2:39-40. Joseph takes Mary and Jesus from Bethlehem to Egypt, and then from Egypt back to Nazareth. Joseph has a dream; the Angel commands him to take Mary and the Child, and then flee into Egypt. Herod slaughters all male children under the age of two. Herod dies. Joseph has a second dream. Return of the Holy Family to Judea, evidently to live there, but they continued on to Nazareth when they found Archelaus in power.

The Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to take Mary and Jesus to flee to Egypt. King Herod wanted every male child eliminated under the age of 2, which was only based on the details the Magi had given him. Because Jesus was in the area and was under the age of 2, Herod wanted them all eliminated, so that Jesus could be included in the elimination process.

Now, they stayed in Egypt until the death of Herod. They wanted to live in Egypt, until finding out that Herod’s Son, Archelaus, was in power, to which, they escaped to Nazareth. This place called Nazareth was near Galilee and was not very well known. Moreover, Luke stated Christ grew and waxed strong in the Spirit, to which, He was filled with wisdom and had the grace of God.

What can we learn from this?

God, when He is pleased to do so, can make the worst situations turn out best. This may have been a trial for Mary and Joseph. Apparently, their faith was firm, for they had the protection of God upon them. In addition, many children had suffered. However, whatever crafty or cruel tricks of man or of evil may be, the Justice of God will stand overall!

Just as Egypt created bondage for people then, it could’ve held Mary, Joseph, and Christ, to which, He could have been killed; however, the Lord directed them to their “Canaan” (Nazareth, the Promised Land). Whenever one is in bondage, the Lord will free them so that He may be glorified!

Journey 3: Jesus’ first Passover at Jerusalem

We have covered this very extensively, so see it here at Jesus’ First Passover.

Image of the Temple

Concluding this set of Journeys

Thank you for reading through and hopefully enjoying this start of the series. Please post below in the comments if you have any questions, or would like to begin the discussion.

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