Journey into Christ’s Life

Last year, while still running a ministry, our team was putting together Life of Christ content, but we have not finished. Now with the new ministry of Dr Jay, we are able to produce quickly what the Lord wants to minister.

Join us in the Journey with Christ over the next several weeks, as we explore different themes regarding the life of Jesus Christ. We have a Christmas story that is embedded within all of the Life of Christ, so it is unlikely that we will have a “special” for this Christmas. However, this is to encourage you to follow along on this Journey with Christ.

To give you a preview of this series, please join me in a quick overview of the series and a sample teaching below.

Journey with Christ overview

From birth to ascension, we chronicle the Life of Christ in this Journey with Christ. We are talking 64 journeys. There is no specific length of time this series will take, so keep on following this blog as well as our social pages to see more information and learn much about Christ.

Sample lesson

Jesus Christ, in the Sermon on the Mount, chronicled in Matthew 5-7; Luke 6:17-49, illustrated six things:

  • Murder
  • Adultery
  • Divorce
  • Oaths
  • Retaliation
  • Love for your enemies

The overall sermon is constructed in the following way:

  1. The Introduction: The Beatitudes and the Woes.
  2. Ethical teachings as noted in the six things above.
  3. The practice of real righteousness, instead of the flashy, Pharisaical ways in almsgiving, prayer, fasting, etc.
  4. Single-hearted devotion to God.
  5. Captious criticism or judging of others.
  6. Prayer and the Golden Rule.
  7. The conclusion: Lesson of personal righteousness driven home by powerful parables.

In the Beatitudes, there are four commands concerning love:

  1. Love your enemies
  2. Bless them that curse you
  3. Do good to those who hate you
  4. Pray for those who persecute you

He also teaches many things that Christians should be:

  • Broken in spirit, which involves being burdened for others, meek, humble, hungry for righteousness, and merciful.
  • Pure in heart, including being wise, patient, loving, joyful, and gracious; salt to preserve and a Light to shine.
  • A teacher, which involves being worth keeping of the truth, avoiding false teachers and teachings, etc.
  • Free from hypocrisy, including selfishness and grudges.
  • A peacemaker, which includes being free from lusts.
  • A giver, which includes giving liberally and cheerfully.
  • A family man, which includes being responsible in the care of your family.
  • Truthful, especially being a truth example of Jesus.
  • Non-resistant to mistreatment.
  • Charitable, which includes the example of Jesus’ unrestricted, unconditional love. Also, note the instructions on things concerning love.
  • Neighborly, which involves putting Jesus first, others next, and yourself last to bring a lasting joy.
  • Godly in society.

We have nine reasons not to worry:

  1. Life is more than meat
  2. The body more than raiment
  3. Men are greater than materials
  4. Humanity is greater than the fowls of the air whom God feeds without their labor
  5. Humanity is better than the plants that don’t worry about their clothing
  6. Worry cannot change the body (except for the worse)
  7. Worry is useless and sinful, worry should not be something we keep up, for it is foolish. What is going to happen cannot be stopped by worry, and if it does not happen, there was nothing to worry about anyway.
  8. God’s Providence is over all Creation
  9. Should adversities come, one can still be victorious by trusting God.


Many thanks for reading through and learning more on the overview of this series and catching a glimpse of the teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

We look forward to producing good content, within text, pictures, and most of all: video!

Blessings unto you! Any questions or anything confusing above such as hard to understand? Leave a comment below.